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What You Need To Know About Us!

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

First things first! As you begin to read our first blog post, keep in mind that we’re “Hockey Coaches”... not published authors. So please don’t think that our mediocre writing skills correlates to our Hockey Skills & Strength Coaching knowledge and capabilities. With that being said, it’s easy to say that each one of our coaches has spent more time with their skates on the ice and a hockey stick in their hands, then they have writing with a pencil on paper.


Our Mission

“AZ Hockey Academy strives to educate and train Ice Hockey athletes of all ages and skill levels by providing a unique learning and training environment through our excellent and professional coaching style.”



As we are an up and coming hockey organization, we envision limitless potential in growing and helping youth hockey players here in our Greater Phoenix Community. AZ Hockey Academy's plan for building our presence in the the hockey community begins with us establishing an academy-style hockey environment. We will introduce this through our skill building and strength mini-camps for youth hockey players. The mini-camps are hybrid-training practices include On-Ice and Off-Ice (a.k.a. Dryland) Skill-Focused sessions. These are designed to train and educate hockey athletes on proper skill development techniques.

As we grow in numbers, we plan to further our reach in the community by partnering with a gym to facilitate our Off-Ice Skills and Strength training. Our transition into a facility will be HUGE for the hockey athletes training with us. Our plan for the facility will give our athletes the availability to work with a variety of hockey-specific training equipment that will increase the development of their skills, strength, and endurance. Also, with us moving into a facility we plan to launch a half-day and full-day Summer Hockey Camps for hockey players of all ages and skill-levels which will include On-Ice and Off-Ice Skills & Strength Training along with other skill-building activities.

This is just the beginning for us, we have so much more in-store for the future of AZ Hockey Academy... but we'll have to share that with you on a later basis.

Coaching Staff

Coach Jordan Allan is the owner and founder of AZ Hockey Academy. He has created a strong presence in the hockey world with the Arizona Titans Organization and AZ Ice Arcadia, and looks to bring more success to all hockey athletes. He’s traveled and played high-level ice hockey all across the United States and Canada. Growing up, he played travel AA/AAA hockey that lead to Junior A-Tier 3 and to Junior A-Tier 2 with the Wenatchee Wild. Now his passion is not only to hockey but it’s to bettering ice hockey athletes of all ages on and off the ice. His goal is to train, educate, and advance each athlete he works with through his various services and expertise. He looks forward to working with all of you and passing on the knowledge of the game!

Coach Matt has a strong drive and passion to create successful hockey careers for the up and coming youth. Coach Matt played Major Juniors in Canada and College Hockey at Eastern Washington University. He has an excellent understanding of the game, has a great sense of humor and outstanding communication skills which makes him a great demonstrator of skating and hockey skills. With all that Coach Matt has to offer to our program, we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future has in store for him and all of the athletes he will be working with!

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