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From: Tri-Cities, WA

Degree: B.A. Finance - E. Washington University


- Level 1 U.S.A. Hockey Coaching Certification

- Level 2 U.S.A. Hockey Coaching Certification

- Safesport Certification

Coach Jordan Allan is the Founder and Director of Operations at AZ Hockey Academy. He's created a strong presence in the Arizona hockey world and continues to focus on bringing out the greatest potential from all of  his players with his professional guidance and creative coaching style. 


Coach Jordan currently Head Coaches for the Desert Mountain High School Hockey Team and Head Coaches for the Jr. Sun Devils 10U Development Team. Prior to Head Coaching, Coach Jordan was the Off-Ice Training Coach for the AZ Titans Organization as well as the Assistant Coach for the 8U, 10U & 12U teams.

Coach Jordan has a competitive ice hockey background of 20 years along with 5+ years of personal training and group fitness coaching background. He’s traveled and played high-level ice hockey all across the United States and Canada. Growing up, he played travel AA/AAA hockey that lead to him playing Junior A-Tier 3 for the Tri-City Titans and Helena Bighorns, and Junior A-Tier 2 with the Wenatchee Wild. 

Now his passion is not only to hockey but it’s to bettering ice hockey athletes of all ages on and off the ice. His goal is to train, educate, and advance each athlete he works with through his various services and expertise. He looks forward to working with all of you and passing on the knowledge of the game!



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From: Vancouver, B.C.

Degree: B.A. Recreational Management - E. Washington University


- Level 1 U.S.A. Hockey Coaching Certification

- Level 2 U.S.A. Hockey Coaching Certification

- Safesport Certification

- CPR Certified 

Coach Matthew Lucero, but you can call him “Coach Matt”, has a strong drive and passion to create successful hockey careers for the up and coming youth. Coach Matt has proudly completed 2 seasons with the AZ Titans Organization, with this current year being a Head Coach of the 8U program.  


Coach Matt has played hockey for over 20 years with starting at the lowest levels and battling his way up to play Major Juniors in Canada and College Hockey at Eastern Washington University. Coach Matt is extremely knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills, a great sense of humor, an intense love for the game, and is an excellent demonstrator of fundamental ice skating and hockey skills.


Also, he currently has 9 years of experience coaching kids from the ages of 5 - 18, both for traveling and non-traveling hockey teams.  With all that Coach Matt has to offer to our program, we couldn’t be more excited to see what the future has in store for him and all of the athletes that he will be working with!


Coach Matt emphasizes building and instilling proper fundamental skills in hockey players of all ages & skill-levels. He creates a fun & positive training environment for everyone to enjoy learning and playing the game. His goofy and out-going personality makes it a warm welcoming to begin your hockey training journey. 



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From: Fort Worth, TX 

Degree: B.S. Creative Writing & English - University of Arizona


Paige Neely is the Owner & Founder of Paige To Page Tutoring here in the Greater Phoenix Area. In just the past 2 years Paige has created a strong presence in the area and continues to focus on bringing more students confidence and success in their academic journey.


Paige started her company in 2019 and continues to grow throughout the valley. Her mission is to create a convenient tutoring service for both families and tutors alike. With a background in recruiting and sales, she built her name and team to become the best educational solution for all students. Paige has a background in childcare and tutoring which gives her the passion to share what she offers to the community. 

Paige To Page Tutoring services students K-12 in all subjects In-Home, Online and at her office. She has designed a tutor-to-student matching service that allows each student to work with the best tutor for their specific needs. Every tutor with Paige To Page Tutoring obtains a college degree or higher and share the same passion to expand the knowledge to each student.

Her tutoring services offer a no-strings attached consultation via phone or in-person to better understand what it is you and your student are looking for in order make a long lasting match.We look forward to brightening the futures of the younger generation!



Gage Allan
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From: Tri-Cities, WA

Degree: High School Diploma


 Coach Gage Allan is a motivated and determined individual who is ready to make your child a better all around athlete. With three and a half years of the military under his belt and more than 10 years of athletic experience, Coach Gage knows what it takes to get your athlete to that next level.


   Coach Gage is from Richland, WA where he started playing football at the age of nine. After playing countless grid kids football seasons for the West Richland Panthers, it was time to tackle the high school challenge. Coach Gage’s strength and conditioning journey started before high school in 8th grade when he was waking up at 0430 every morning with a goal in mind and that was to be a starter at Richland High School. Coach Gage kept his journey going through out high school which landed him starting positions his Jr. and Sr. year of high school.


   Shortly after high school Coach Gage entered the Army and went to Ft. Benning, GA to complete his One Stop Unit Training (OSUT) to become an 11b (infantrymen) which he excelled at. After graduating OSUT Coach Gage was sent to Ft. Hood, TX to become a line soldier (a soldier on the front lines) in which he became a team leader of a fire team only a year and a half into his contract. After three and a half years Coach Gage has diversified his training regiment based on some of the new tricks and tactics the military uses for physical fitness training. He plans on using all of his knowledge he has picked up over nine years of physical fitness training and plans on using what he knows to make your child a better all around athlete. 



Nick Gushue
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From: Vancouver, B.C.

Degree: B.A. Finance - Arizona State University


- Level 1 U.S.A. Hockey Coaching Certification

- Safesport Certification

Coach Nick Gushue is the Defensive Skills Coach and Hockey Mentor for AZ Hockey Academy. Coach Nick has recently moved back to Arizona and is thrilled to share his knowledge, skills, and experiences for the game. Nick is a Canadian born hockey player that believes in teaching players how to become effective Men & Women on and off the ice, he enjoys learning about who players are and whom they want to become.

Nick has an extensive hockey background playing 21 years, including 1-year Midget AAA, 1-year Junior B, 4-years Junior A - BCHL, and 3-years in the NCAA. He moved away from home at 15 to pursue his dreams for Ice Hockey which led him to become part of ASU’s first ever NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey Program. Nick played most of his career as an offensive defensemen who took care of the D-zone first and was an effective threat on the Power Play & Penalty Kill.

Nick focuses on training, developing, and equipping athletes with the essential skills & mindset they can utilize on and off the ice. His passions are Ice & Roller Hockey, Golfing, Real Estate and Finance.


Coach Nick is excited to be part of the AZ Hockey Academy family and grow the love for Hockey in the desert.