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Jordan Allan - AZ Hockey Academy
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Jordan Allan - Wenatchee Wild

Jordan Allan is a highly accomplished coach and inspirational mentor in the Arizona hockey community, recognized for his outstanding leadership and coaching abilities. As the Founder and Director of Operations at AZ Hockey Academy, he has created a significant impact in the hockey scene, consistently bringing out the best in his players through his professional guidance and innovative coaching style.


Coach Jordan's coaching journey includes remarkable achievements with notable teams. As the Head Coach for Desert Mountain High School Hockey Team, he led the team to an exceptional 2nd place finish in the division, showcasing his strategic expertise and ability to inspire his players to reach new heights. Under his guidance, the team achieved remarkable success, solidifying their position as formidable competitors in the league.


Furthermore, Coach Jordan's contributions as the Head Coach for the Jr. Sun Devils were nothing short of extraordinary. His leadership and coaching prowess led the team to an exhilarating victory, capturing the state championship in their division. This achievement stands as a testament to Coach Jordan's exceptional coaching ability and his dedication to nurturing and developing young talent.


With a competitive ice hockey background spanning over 20 years, Coach Jordan brings a wealth of experience and personal insight to his coaching endeavors. He has traveled extensively, playing high-level hockey across the United States and Canada, which has contributed to his deep understanding of the game and its intricacies.


Coach Jordan's true passion lies in not only enhancing hockey skills but also in fostering personal growth and development in athletes of all ages. Through AZ Hockey Academy, he offers a range of comprehensive services aimed at training, educating, and advancing each athlete he works with. Coach Jordan's holistic approach focuses not only on skill development but also on character-building and instilling a love for the game.


Recognized for his unwavering dedication and ability to inspire excellence, Coach Jordan Allan continues to make a lasting impact in the Arizona hockey community. His exceptional coaching achievements, combined with his genuine commitment to his players' growth, make him a highly respected and influential figure in the sport.



Coach Matt - Headshot.jpg
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Matt Lucero - AZ Hockey Academy

Meet Coach Matthew Lucero, affectionately known as "Coach Matt," a driven and passionate coach dedicated to shaping the future of young hockey players. With an unwavering commitment to their success, Coach Matt has proudly completed two seasons with the AZ Titans Organization, assuming the role of Head Coach for the 8U program in the current year.


Coach Matt's own hockey journey spans over 20 years, starting from the grassroots levels and ascending to Major Juniors in Canada and College Hockey at Eastern Washington University. This extensive playing experience has granted him invaluable knowledge and a deep understanding of the game. Armed with excellent communication skills, a great sense of humor, and an intense love for hockey, Coach Matt is a remarkable communicator and a masterful demonstrator of fundamental ice skating and hockey skills.


With nine years of coaching experience, Coach Matt has honed his expertise in working with children ranging from 5 to 18 years old, both on traveling and non-traveling hockey teams. His extensive background in coaching different age groups and skill levels has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of individual player development. Coach Matt's wealth of experience ensures that he is adept at tailoring his coaching methods to meet the specific needs of each player he works with.


Coach Matt's coaching philosophy centers around emphasizing and instilling proper fundamental skills in hockey players of all ages and skill levels. He firmly believes in creating a fun and positive training environment where every player can enjoy learning and playing the game. Coach Matt's outgoing and warm personality sets the stage for an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that each athlete feels comfortable and excited to embark on their hockey training journey.


As Coach Matt continues to contribute his skills and passion to the program, the future looks incredibly bright for both him and the athletes under his guidance. With his dedication to building strong fundamental skills, his ability to foster a positive training environment, and his infectious personality, Coach Matt is poised to make a lasting impact on the hockey careers of the players he works with.


Coach Matthew Lucero is a beacon of inspiration in the hockey community, fueling the dreams of aspiring athletes and instilling a love for the game that will transcend beyond the rink.



Dillon Scheur - AZ Hockey Academy
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Dillon Scheur - AZ Hockey Academy_edited

Meet Coach Dillon Scheur, a lifelong devotee to the game of hockey whose passion was ignited by his parents' love for the sport. From his humble beginnings at Ozzie Ice at just two years old, hockey has been an integral part of Dillon's life. As a homegrown talent from Arizona Mission, Dillon honed his skills under the guidance of Coach Goltz, achieving both individual and team success. Representing Pinnacle High School, Dillon secured multiple state titles and embarked on a memorable national championship journey.


Transitioning to the United States Premier Hockey League with the Long Beach Shredders, Dillon experienced a transformative period under the mentorship of GM and Head Coach Emerson Etem, a former first-round NHL draft pick. Here, he absorbed invaluable lessons in professionalism and the fast-paced, pro-style of play. While Dillon opted not to pursue college hockey opportunities, his mission now is to impart the same elite training experiences to his clients, both on and off the ice.


As a coach at AZ Hockey Academy, Dillon Scheur is committed to cultivating a culture of excellence and empowerment. He strives to instill in his players the values of dedication, discipline, and determination, fostering not only their hockey skills but also their personal growth and development. With a focus on individualized training programs tailored to each player's unique strengths and areas for improvement, Dillon is dedicated to helping his clients unlock their full potential and achieve their hockey aspirations.


Dillon's approach to coaching extends beyond the rink, as he emphasizes the importance of character, teamwork, and resilience. Through his mentorship, he aims to inspire his players to become not only better athletes but also better individuals, equipped with the skills and mindset needed to succeed both on and off the ice. With a deep-rooted passion for the game and a genuine desire to see his players thrive, Dillon Scheur is poised to make a lasting impact at AZ Hockey Academy.



Michael Marchesan - AZ Hockey Academy
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Michael Marchesan - AZ Hockey Academy

Meet Coach Michael Marchesan, a left winger with a remarkable journey in professional hockey. Starting in the GOJHL in Canada, he faced and overcame adversity before making his pro debut in Danbury. There, he clinched the rookie of the year title and secured a memorable overtime goal in game 5, leading his team to victory in the FPHL Commissioner's Cup. Named playoff MVP, Michael earned a spot in the ECHL with the Atlanta Gladiators, setting his sights on an AHL roster spot next year.


Alongside his playing career, Coach Michael has been nurturing young talents through power skating and skill development. With a focus not only on honing their abilities but also shaping their mindset, he empowers kids to stand out from the crowd.


Coach Michael's true passion lies in helping players realize their full potential, offering guidance and support often lacking in their journey. With firsthand experience of the challenges in hockey, he brings valuable insights to the next generation, preparing them for success on and off the ice.


Committed to continuous growth, Coach Michael stays updated with the latest trends and techniques in the sport, ensuring that his coaching remains relevant and effective in today's dynamic hockey landscape. With a dedication to excellence and a genuine love for the game, he inspires his students to reach new heights and achieve their dreams.

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