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Our Player Analysis is designed to propel your hockey journey through meticulous evaluation & personalized insights.


Discover the strengths that set you apart & pinpoint areas primed for growth. With expert analysis & detailed feedback, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your gameplay nuances. Unleash your full potential with tailored strategies, refined techniques, & a deeper grasp of the game's intricacies.

Elevate your performance & chart a course to excellence with Player Analysis!

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Uncover a deeper level of performance understanding with our Video Review. Our expert team dissects game and practice footage, offering insights that enhance your strengths and improve weaknesses. Through annotations, replays, and expert commentary, elevate your gameplay, strategic thinking, and decision-making. Maximize your hockey potential with our Video Analysis.

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Gain valuable insights into your hockey journey with our Player Evaluation. Our team meticulously assesses your performance, highlighting achievements and identifying areas for growth. Through detailed reports and expert feedback, you'll have a clear understanding of your progress over time. Elevate your skills, refine your techniques, and take your game to the next level.

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Achieve peak performance with our tailored Personalized Off-Ice Training Program. Our customized training regimens are designed to amplify your strengths, target your weaknesses, & propel your development. Backed by expert insights & data-driven analysis, our programs provide a comprehensive roadmap for enhancing your physicality, strength, agility, & overall conditioning. Elevate your game beyond the rink & transform your dedication into tangible results with our personalized off-ice training approach.

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Embark on a personalized growth journey with our Virtual Consultations. Through virtual sessions, you'll engage directly with experienced coaches to discuss your progress, goals, and challenges. Receive expert guidance, ask questions, and fine-tune your development strategy. Whether it's refining your gameplay, addressing queries, or seeking strategic insights, our virtual consultations offer a dynamic platform to enhance your skills and elevate your hockey IQ. 

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Uncover the strategic nuances of the game with Hockey IQ. Delve into the tactical intricacies that define successful plays and decisions on the ice. Our expert coaches dissects team coordination, positioning, and game strategies, offering you a deeper understanding of the sport. Through visual breakdowns, expert commentary, and educational resources, you'll gain the knowledge to anticipate plays, make smarter decisions, and outmaneuver opponents. Elevate your thinking and transform your gameplay.

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Experience the power of data-driven improvement with our Progress Tracking. We provide you with a dedicated monthly report to monitor your development journey. Set and achieve benchmarks, witness your growth graphically, and gain a comprehensive view of your advancement over time. Whether it's refining techniques, boosting your hockey IQ, or excelling in off-ice training, our Progress Tracking empowers you to measure success and stay motivated. Become the player you aspire to be!


Unlock personalized insights, enhance your skills, and take your hockey journey to new heights with our Player Analysis services at AZ Hockey Academy. Book a consultation to kickstart your journey toward improved performance, tailored training, and strategic growth. Our expert team is eager to discuss your goals, analyze your needs, and guide you on the path to success. Don't wait – schedule your consultation now and discover how Player Analysis can revolutionize your hockey experience.

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